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AEON BOLD : Fitness Smart Watch

Fitness bands, not only track calories burned, steps, fitness progress, etc., but also can measure your blood pressure which is the pressure of the blood in the arteries, related to the rate of your heartbeat and the elasticity of your arteries. Wearing a smart bracelet with a BP monitor is important to detect heart problems and get a clear picture of your heart health.

In fact, the American Heart Association, recommends anyone with high blood pressure to monitor his or her blood pressure at home.  It can be measured using a sphygmomanometer which is used at the doctor’s office, home heart pressure monitor or a smart bracelet with a blood pressure monitor. So how does a smart bracelet measure blood pressure?


Multifunctional Health Manager: The fitness tracker accurately records your daily activity, walking distance traveled, calories burned and monitor your heart rate with full analysis. With a powerful 12 in 1 activity tracker makes your exercise more efficient and let you have a healthier lifestyle.

Heart Rate Monitor: Advanced HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring, monitor your heart rate all day with the graph in the app. It means allowing you to know your heart rate while rest and while working out. This activity tracker cares about your every heartbeat.

Sleep Tracking: Tracks your awake, deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep so that you can have a better understanding of your sleep quality. You can also use this sleep tracker set an alarm to wake you up with vibration, smooth and comfort. Embrace a fresh morning with a sleep monitor.

Product Information:

  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Screen Type: Color LCD
  • Band Material: Silica
  • Case Material: Plastic

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