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LEMADO CREED : Smart Watch

The watch is as much a fashion accessory as it is a functional one, and for a long time, “digital” watches looked anything but cool. Now, however, a well-made smartwatch can be as aesthetically pleasing as a mechanical timepiece.

A good, well-chosen smartwatch or fitness tracker can make your life easier in a whole number of ways, from tracking your steps to monitoring your heart rate and providing you with instant notifications, all from its convenient location on your wrist. All this functionality makes it easy to live hands-free without having to constantly rummage around to pull out your smartphone.



GO SPORT-SPECIFIC & SCIENTIFIC: Tracks up to 17 exercises, like running, riding, basketball, tennis, yoga, football, etc. To avoid sports injuries, M33 Smartwatch can be more efficient and accurate to subdivide five heart rate interval training and give you the advice to adjust the exercise intensity. Help you to do sports in a safe and scientifical way.

MESSAGES NOTIFICATION & FITNESS TRACKER: This smartwatch will be a perfect mate to keep you organized and efficiency all day long. Receiving notifications for phone calls or messages from SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other mobile phone apps. It also automatically tracks your heart rate, sleep quality, step count, calorie burned, etc. And help you to get rid of bad habits, by reminding you to move after a long time sitting. letting you stay active throughout the day.


IP67 WATERPROOF: After rigorous testing, the smartwatch got the IP68 waterproof certification. It is a cool choice for some water activities.PS: Please do not wear it for diving, and please keep it away from seawater or hot water which above 20°C.

Product Information:
  • Multiple Dials: Yes
  • ROM: <128MB
  • Battery Capacity: 120-180mAh
  • RAM: <128MB
  • Waterproof Grade: Life Waterproof
  • Band Material: Adhesive Tape
  • CPU Manufacturer: MediaTek
  • CPU Model: TLS8251
  • Movement Type: Electronic
  • Case Material: Alloy
  • Resolution: 240*240
  • Display Size: 1.4 inch


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